Three shades of Eucalyptus on 100% silk Hand dyed in small batches and sewn in California

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purple urchin dye

purple urchins are taking over the kelp forests and like many others we are trying to find a use for them in order to mitigate the ecological damage they are causing to the marine ecosystem. Shop our limited collection featured below..

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beautiful yellows and greens from oxalis stricta, also known as sourgrass and common yellow woodsorrel

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all our colors are from CA plants or food waste

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Purple Urchin DYE!

Inspired by what other creatives havedone in search of a commercial use forpurple urchin, Terrene Studioexperimented with creating a limitedcollection of 100% silk urchin dyedgarments.The colors resulted in softpeachy pinks...

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